Storytelling Performances for Children and Families

Interactive storytelling performances and story walks that work well at festivals, in libraries, schools,  bookshops and theatre spaces. They last approximately 40 mins and some use props, puppets and masks.

They are lively, dramatic and full of fun and adventure. 

Pyn’s  family friendly storytelling has been described as brilliant, wonderfully lively and always inclusive. Each story is expertly crafted to inspire and engage children of all ages.


Wonderful old fashioned storytelling! Magical, colourful, mesmerising” – Audience Member (Martineau Gardens Storytelling Festival 2016) 

“Pyn’s storytelling added a touch of magic to the Patrick Centre. The audience 4-80 were entranced” -Liz Leck (Birmingham Hippodrome Aladdin pre show 2015-2016)


There are a range of storytelling performances, which you can view and book below, but please do get in touch with your particular requirements or just to say Hello!


Storytelling Performances for Family Audiences available in 2018

Adventure's in Storytelling

Lively, dramatic interactive storytelling

Adventure over frozen landscapes, across wild seas and hot deserts with heroes and heroines of the ancient world to meet mythical beasts and defeat marvellous monsters. 

These performances are a rich, magical mix of international folk tales, wonder tales, myths and legends.

Linked by a theme of your choice or left in the hands of expert storyteller Pyn Stockman.

Traditional Folk and Fairy Tales

A rich variety of classics and lesser known tales

 Climb up to the top of the beanstalk with Jack and discover a treasury  of stories from around the world when you reach the top.  It’s a wonderful view and a whirl of adventures.

Told and performed in an engaging, lively style with plenty of opportunities for everyone to join in!

Please let me know if there are any particular traditional stories you would like me to include.  

Tricky Tricksters & Mischief Makers

A fantastic, interactive storytelling adventure! 

Follow Fox through wild woods and city playgrounds to play pranks with Anansi, make up jokes with Loki, howl with Coyote and make mischief with Monkey.

Insightful trickster tales from around the world re-imagined for the 21st century told using masks and puppets. 

Created for The Summer Reading  Challenge 2018 and touring to libraries across the UK.

The Firebird

A Wonder Tale from Russia

The Golden Apples are missing!

Fox has lost his courage and the King doesn’t know what to do.

But at half past midnight feast two brave children set off on a journey into the heart of the forest in their quest to find The Firebird.

This wonder-filled tale will be brought to life with props, puppets and masks and can include live music from multi- instrumentalist Ann Jones. 

Vasilisa The Brave

A Cinderella Story From Russia

 Follow Vasilisa on her journey into the unknown as she confronts her fears and finds wonder in a forest full of magical animals, a house on chicken legs and wild witches.

There’s puzzles to solve and riddles to answer in this delightful, empowering re telling of a classic tale. 

Told using peg dolls and masks with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved. 

Stomping Story Walks

Animating outdoor spaces and heritage sites

Inspired by the local  environment. These lively journeys weave together a range of  international folk and fairy tales with local legends for a unique experience.

Currently developing bespoke story walks with Birmingham Roundhouse  and Secret City Arts.

Can also be used to engage visitors  with Museum collections, Gallery spaces and historic locations. 


Family Storytelling Performances from the blog

Family Friendly Storytelling

 This blog will share the work (and how I make it) for a family audience. You will also be able to find out about longer term projects and see some of the outcomes created by families and children.   I am currently performing my show "Tricky Tricksters and Mischief...

Booking a storytelling performance

Please contact me with any booking requests or to discuss any projects via this contact form. 

I do my upmost to respond within a day, so if you don’t hear from me with 24 hours, please feel free to use my direct email address

pynstockman at gmail dot com

I look forward to hearing from you


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