Last night Mr Fox had his first outing of the Autumn at The Stagey Fox  a wonderful theatrical bookshop  in the heart of Leamington Spa.


Mr Fox was first performed back in April at Story Jam but since then he has gone back into the studio. The piece has now been developed with live music provided by the wonderfully talented Ann Jones. It also incorporates mask and has two endings – the audience use masks to choose which one they wish to see. Both times it has been performed the audience has asked to see both the endings. But this time Mr Fox won the original vote!

I enjoy this game with the audience the point when they all place masks on their faces (I plan to take a picture of this at the next performance)  it is a wonderful theatrical moment when the lines between performer and speactator blur and merge.

I want to play with this idea more in other stories in different ways and I really want to sit down with fabulous London storyteller Vanessa Wolf who also has a curiosity about audience decision making within a tale so that we can compare experiences.


The audience at The Stagey Fox were very welcoming and have given us some gorgeous feedback!

“So engaging – especially when underscored with music”

“Loved the rhythmic speaking and repetitions”

“The choice the audience makes between Mr Fox and Miss Mary must be such an interesting psychology test for you to observe!”

“Great setting up of the evening; immense clarity and simplicity, great use of pause, silence and the musical underscoring enhances the theatricality perfectly. Versatile and very suitable touring product!”

“Particularly liked the description of the Summer picnic scene with half of Pyn’s face hidden.”

“The Oak story great hors d’oeuvre”

“I’ve only seen 4 or 5 storytelling gig (and they’ve been amazing) but this was by far the best. Music and storytelling performance was perfectly intertwined and I was engaged from start to finish. You two are brilliant!”

“A brilliant, captivating evening of storytelling last night from Pyn Stockman and musician Ann Jones. We hope to welcome them back in the new year.”

Mr Fox’s Blue Bottle and Other Stories will be performed again on:
23rd November @ Waterstones Book Shop, Central Birmingham
24th November @ Thimble Mill Library, Sandwell