Storytelling for Confidence

Despite a distinct lack of voice yesterday I had a wonderful time working with #story in a different way. I was at @Action4Bullying all day where we used story to explore the emotional impact of bullying and to raise confidence and self esteem.
We worked with traditional stories with the young people disecting the characters and ultimatly relating their own experiences to the stories. The outcomes were rich and varied. Re-imagined scenes and altered endings plus a Baba Yaga rap, spitting bars with beats behind it.
“The first story was the best (Baba Yaga) there was lots to talk about”
“I’d like to work with more stories”
“It was fun, exciting – I still don’t like acting but it makes you feel good if you have a go”
“The stories were good – they linked to stories we knew but gave us a different perspective”
“It’s been a good opportunity. I was able to express myself. I would like to do more. It was good to end with a making activity”
“I enjoyed it a lot as I love to work with Pyn and I love to do the drama. Thank you ever so much you are the best”
You can find out more about Action4Bullying here
and see some of the amazing films that the young people made with Secret City Arts here

Look forward to working more with these young people.

HeritEdge Storytelling – Birmingham Hippodrome and Sampad

HeritEdge Storytelling – Birmingham Hippodrome and Sampad

Green Mice, Dueling Doctors, A Postman Post, The Worlds Tallest Woman ! A rich mix of historical tales based on the work of Dr Chris Upton developed as part of Birmingham Hippodrome and Sampad’s Arts Champions Project.

The tales were told in libraries and community centres from Edgbaston to Bartley Green and were accessed by children, families and Older Adults.

heritedge storytelling

The performances were interactive and lasted between 30 minutes to an hour they were followed either by discussion or a peg doll making activity where participants were encouraged to create one of the characters as a momento.

Heritedge peg dolls

It was such a fun project and there was a fabulous response that I am in the process of developing further stories based on Chris Uptons’ Research to cover the other areas of Birmingham.

Heritedge feed back

If you would like to book a Heritage Storytelling Session please get in touch



Our City Our Past – CBSO Heritage Storytelling.

Our City Our Past – CBSO Heritage Storytelling.

This project went beyond the reaches of my storytelling work to incorporate sessions in banner making, mask making and mask performance. The role my storytelling work took in this project was with Merrits Brook Schools exploration of metal work and it’s role and meaning in Birminghams history.


It began with an imagined story based on historical information created by writer and  co-artistic director of secret city arts. We took the story and reworked as an interactive storytelling performance which captured the imaginations of the children (mostly boys). This was followed by a series of developmental sessions. The resulting piece also incorporated a very physical retelling with the story being sung. The music and words to the chant were developed by Jackie Tyler (CBSO) and Mandy Ross with the arrangement by Jeremy Clay.


The Windrush Story

The Windrush Story

Working with 30 year 6 students to interpret and create a performance built on oral history and factual information to tell the story of the passengers who traveled from the West Indies to England in 1948 For a Black History event at rookery primary school.

The project was part of my curriculum enhancement work at Rookery School where I have been a resident artist since 2005. My work here often begins with a story.

The Windrush story is available as a Make in a Day for Black History Month or as a link to the History curriculum.