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Education & Schools Posts

Schools, Education and Training

 This will be the place to discover how a working storyteller collaborates with schools and other educational establishments. It will be quite varied as I work with everyone from early years foundation through to colleges, universities and sessions for adults. I'll...

Performances for Family Posts

Family Friendly Storytelling

 This blog will share the work (and how I make it) for a family audience. You will also be able to find out about longer term projects and see some of the outcomes created by families and children.   I am currently performing my show "Tricky Tricksters and Mischief...

Performances for Adults Posts

Adult Storytelling Performances

In  this section I will share how I  research and make  performances designed for an adult audience In addition I will write updates about gigs and  performances, share audience feedback and explore the craft and graft of performance storytelling. My Autumn...

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