Hi, I’m Pyn Stockman and I’m a professional storyteller I work with and bring to life stories of all kinds. I perform everything from folk and fairy tales to myths and legends. I tell to people of all ages, in all kinds of spaces: Schools, libraries, hospitals, book shops, museums, woodlands, theatres, festivals and community venues. I work regularly with Birmingham Hippodrome, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Moving Hands Theatre Company combining storytelling with theatre, music and puppetry.

I have trained in the art of narrative and performance storytelling with Ben Haggarty Crick Crack Club and Nell Phoenix . 

You might find me telling stories to adult audiences in storytelling clubs and venues like Birmingham Storytelling Cafe and Torriano StoryNight  or at The Stagey Fox. 

I  create masks and puppets and sometimes  involve them in the stories particularly for a younger audience. 

I also work with people to become storytellers and can offer training and workshops for both children and adults.
I love working with stories. Each one is an adventure containing treasure, truth and magic. Stories are a way to understand ourselves and make sense of the world around us. They are also a rich source of entertainment that can fit into any venue or setting. You can see some of my recent Adventures in Storytelling by visiting my blog

I am a skilled facilitator with a background in drama and theatre and a BA(hons)in Drama and Theatre Arts from The University of Birmingham. I deliver storytelling sessions to inspire performance making, writing and creative learning. My schools page will give you more information on Storytelling and the curriculum

I am co-artistic director of Secret City Arts, where I work with writer Mandy Ross and a host of partner organisations to  explore the secret wild green spaces and hidden history in the urban world. As part of this work I collect oral history recordings and urban legends; work with archive material and historical data. Alongside project participants we create living stories through publications, performance, audio and film.


I am currently touring storytelling versions of  “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Romeo and Juliet” through the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra:  Shakespeare in Action -programme.

I have a number of performances suitable for schools and libraries that are ready to go. I am also able to develop a story for a specific event or theme.

If you are interested in storytelling performances or training for adults  you can find out about that here.

If you would like to see me perform you can find out about my up coming public performances here.

Schools and Training

Interactive storytelling performances and workshops for all Key Stages  and for those with Additional Needs. Training and CPD for those interested in exploring the art of storytelling.

Performances for Famillies

Pyn’s  family friendly storytelling has been described as brilliant, wonderfully lively and always inclusive.

Each story is expertly crafted to inspire and engage children of all ages.

Performances for Adults

Magical, mesmerising or with a dark twist to the tale, these performances have been crafted with an adult audience in mind. Often in collaboration with musicians from a range of backgrounds.