Hi, I’m Pyn Stockman and I’m a professional storyteller. I work with and bring to life stories of all kinds.

I perform everything from folk and fairy tales to myths and legends.

I tell to people of all ages, in all kinds of places: Schools, libraries, hospitals, book shops, museums, woodlands, theatres, festivals and community venues.

I work regularly with Birmingham Hippodrome, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and Moving Hands Theatre Company combining storytelling with theatre, music and puppetry… Read More

Schools and Training

Interactive storytelling performances and workshops for all Key Stages  and for those with Additional Needs. Training and CPD for those interested in exploring the art of storytelling.

Family and Children's Shows

Pyn’s  family friendly storytelling has been described as brilliant, wonderfully lively and always inclusive.

Each story is expertly crafted to inspire and engage children of all ages.

Performances for Adults

Magical, mesmerising or with a dark twist to the tale, these performances have been crafted with an adult audience in mind. Often in collaboration with musicians from a range of backgrounds.

"A fantastic day! The storytelling inspired the children so even the most reluctant writers were keen to write ” (Sophie Desogus, Green Meadow Primary School)

“An original and enchanting re-telling of a Shakespeare classic. The perfect introduction to a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” Annette Whyley, Rookery School

" A fabulous storytelling experience” Martha Hempstead (year 5 teacher)

“I was absolutely enthralled by Pyn’s storytelling as were the families” - Librarian, Erdington Library - Summer Reading Challenge

“Wonderful, lively storytelling. A great way to engage young readers” - Parent, The Big Read

“Great story! excellent adventurous fun” - Parent, Foundry Wood, Spring Story Walk

“The show was like one I had never seen before and it was amazing” Esme aged 6 The Big Sleuth, Birmingham Cathedral.

“Phenomenal storytelling! Theatrical, dark, mesmerising.” Gavin Young, Utter Bearwood

“I was on the edge of my seat! Reminded me of Angela Carter. Loved the music too” Audience Member, Waterstones - Birmingham

“Wonderful old fashioned storytelling! Magical, colourful, mesmerising” - Audience Member (Martineau Gardens Storytelling Festival

Schools and Training

Interactive storytelling performances and  workshops for all Key Stages and for those with Additional Needs. Pyn also provides training and  CPD for teaching staff, KS4 students, undergraduates and those interested in exploring the art of storytelling.

Pyn draws on a  repertoire of stories from the oral tradition these can be performed to suit your curriculum topics, literacy targets and are great for arts weeks or for events such National Storytelling Week, World Book Day, No Pens Day, Black History Month and Anti Bullying Week.

Sometimes the stories involve props, puppets and masks – sometimes they don’t! But they are all fun, interactive and full of adventure and learning….


Pyn works extensively with primary schools tailoring projects and performances to enhance the curriculum and provide a valuable stimulus for creative learning.

Also on offer are  packages for themed days and arts weeks. Please check out the full range or get in touch to discuss your requirements!


Pyn  works with secondary schools and out of school settings to create projects that will enhance emotional literacy and explore key issues.

Also on offer are workshops to develop young people as storytellers, speakers and performers.Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together.


Pyn works with teachers, students, youth theatres, parents, grandparents, youth workers, performers and those interested in becoming storytellers.

Workshops offer a blend of narrative development and  aspects of performance training through lively, hands on sessions.

Storytelling Performances for Children and Families

Interactive storytelling performances and story walks that work well at festivals, in libraries, schools,  bookshops and theatre spaces. They last approximatley 40 mins and some use props, puppets and masks.

They are lively, dramatic and full of fun and adventure. 

Pyn’s  family friendly storytelling has been described as brilliant, wonderfully lively and always inclusive. Each story is expertly crafted to inspire and engage children of all ages.

There are range of storytelling performances, which you can view and book below, but please do get in touch with your particular requirements or just to say Hello!

Adventures in Storytelling

Lively, dramatic interactive storytelling

Adventure over frozen landscapes, across wild seas and hot deserts with heroes and heroines of the ancient world to meet mythical beasts and defeat marvellous monsters.

These performances are a rich, magical mix of international folk tales, wonder tales, myths and legends.

Linked by a theme of your choice or left in the hands of expert storyteller Pyn Stockman.

Traditional Folk and Fairy Tales

A rich variety of classics and lesser known tales

Climb up to the top of the beanstalk with Jack and discover a treasury  of stories from around the world when you reach the top.  It’s a wonderful view and a whirl of adventures.

Told and performed in an engaging, lively style with plenty of opportunities for everyone to join in!

Please let me know if there are any particular traditional stories  or themes you would like me to include . 

Tricky Tricksters & Mischief Makers

A fantastic, interactive storytelling adventure! 

Follow Fox through wild woods and city playgrounds to play pranks with Anansi, make up jokes with Loki, howl with Coyote and make mischief with Monkey.

Insightful trickster tales from around the world re-imagined for the 21st century told using masks and puppets.

Created for The Summer Reading  Challenge 2018 and touring to libraries across the UK.

The Firebird

A Wonder Tale from Russia

The Golden Apples are missing!

Fox has lost his courage and the King doesn’t know what to do.

But at half past midnight feast two brave children set off on a journey into the heart of the forest in their quest to find The Firebird.

This wonder-filled tale will be brought to life with props, puppets and masks and can include live music from multi- instrumentalist Ann Jones.

Vasilisa The Brave Vasilisa The Wise

A Cinderella Story From Russia

Follow Vasilisa on her journey into the unknown as she confronts her fears and finds wonder in a forest full of magical animals, a house on chicken legs and wild witches.

There’s puzzles to solve and riddles to answer in this delightful, empowering re telling of a classic tale.

Told using peg dolls and masks with plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved. 

Stomping Story Walks

Animating outdoor spaces and heritage sites

Inspired by the local  environment. These lively journeys weave together a range of  international folk and fairy tales with local legends for a unique experience.

Currently developing bespoke story walks with Birmingham Roundhouse and Secret City Arts.

Can also be used to engage visitors  with Museum collections, Gallery spaces and historic locations. 

Storytelling Peformances for Adults

Magical, mesmerising and often with a dark twist to the tale these performances have been crafted with an adult audience in mind.  Performances are sometimes made with a distinct musical element through colIaborations  with musicians from a range of backgrounds.

The shows are adaptable feasts of words, sounds and visuals. They sit comfortably in book shops, museums, libraries as well as more traditional performance spaces and festivals.

In addition to the full length shows Pyn  also tells collections of tales from her repertoire to adult audiences and can create something special for your party or event. All work is suitable for ages 14+.


Mr Fox's Blue Bottle

Who will be bold? 

Who will play our parlour game?

Which ending will you choose?

Make your way through the shadowy paths of old folk tales to the gates of  Blue Beards Castle.

Storytelling  using masks and audience interaction to decide the  ending.

With live music by multi -instrumentalist Ann Jones. 


Story-Tea is a collaboration with artist and folk herbalist Queen of Cammellias.

Story-Tea’s are a series of  events , performances and workshops accompanied by teas and herb lore. They are seasonal and sometimes link to a wider festival or event.

Our current show is “Wild Woods Brew” which is part of Birmingham Literature Festival  (more information on the events page) 

We also have the following Brews available:

“Mid Winter Brew” : “Dying Matters Brew” :  “Magicians Brew” 

The Devil With The Three Golden Hairs

A compelling tale of true love, heroic deeds and hilarious characters. 

A boy is born with luck on his side. A rich man rides into the forest with evil intent.

The story unfolds as their paths cross again and again and again …

 This performance fuses performance storytelling with an emotive Handpan soundtrack from Marc Reck.

Coming Soon

Rich Mix Tales

Lively, dramatic, performances  able to fit into any space or location. 

A rich mix of international folk tales, wonder tales, myths and legends. 

These storytelling performances are drawn from my repertoire and aimed at an adult audience.

Please get in touch with your theme or specific request.



Coming Soon

Schools, Education and Training

 This will be the place to discover how a working storyteller collaborates with schools and other educational establishments. It will be quite varied as I work with everyone from early years foundation through to colleges, universities and sessions for adults. I'll...

Family Friendly Storytelling

 This blog will share the work (and how I make it) for a family audience. You will also be able to find out about longer term projects and see some of the outcomes created by families and children.   I am currently performing my show "Tricky Tricksters and Mischief...

Tell It To The Bees: Dying Matters Week 2020

Join us, get involved share your stories and memories, Make a paper Honeycomb segment. Head on over to Secret City Arts or email secretcityarts@gmail.com to take part! The live session is happening tomorrow, details on the flier, and I shall be sure to post...

Tell It To The Bees at Pilot Night Birmingham REP

With the idea for a full touring show somewhere in the back of my mind it seemed only natural that I would take the community engagement part into my work with Secret City Arts.  We secured funding for this through Birmingham City Council (Culture On Our Doorstep...

Story-Tea Dying Matters Brew 2019

Story-Tea is a collaboration with the wonderful Arlene Burnett visual artist, folk herbalist and owner of tea company “Queen of Camellias”. There are other brews and teas but our very first outing was as part of Dying Matters Week 2019 with Dying Matters Brew which...

Death Over Dinner 2018

In 2018 my Mum died and a few weeks later I was commisioned by BrumYODO to perform a 30 minute set of traditional stories for Death Over Dinner as part of their : A Matter of Life and Death Festival for Dying Matters Week That event was between magic and raw emotion....

Adult Storytelling Performances

In  this section I will share how I  research and make  performances designed for an adult audience In addition I will write updates about gigs and  performances, share audience feedback and explore the craft and graft of performance storytelling. My Autumn...
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